Online TEFL Course Assessment

Evaluation of TEFL Assignments

Assignments & Assignment Feedback
There will be regular assignments but no formal examinations. Each assignment makes up for the total assessment mark and is to be completed once the course readings have been covered. The overall pass mark for the Certificate and Master Diploma Course is 50%. Once a student’s assignment has been received and marked / assessed by a Tutor, you will receive an Assignment Result Form. The Assignment Feedback Form provides the student with a Grade (%), Assessment Criteria and Tutor Comment

Appeals Procedure
If a student wishes to appeal an assignment mark / assessment, the following procedures should be followed:

  • A letter of appeal (email) must be sent to the International TEFL Institute, within seven (7) days of the student having received the Assignment result, outlining the nature of the discrepancy.
  • On receipt of the Appeal, the Assignment will be re-marked by an Internal or External Moderator and the result will be forwarded to the Board of Academic Advisors (B.O.A.A.) for review. The B.O.A.A. is chaired by the Principal of the College and convened by the Academic Director.
  • The decision of the B.O.A.A. is final.
    • If a student’s Appeal is upheld, the student will be re-issued with a revised Assignment Result Form.
    • If the student’s Appeal is not upheld, the student will be advised in writing (email) and given the opportunity to re-submit a new assignment for assessment. A student may only make one Appeal and one re-submission per Course Module.
  • The International TEFL Institute is committed to assisting students in the learning process and will endeavor to assist students in every possible way to meet the Module and Course requirements. The future success of our students and the quality / integrity of our Programme is dependent on fair and transparent Assessment Criteria and Appeal Procedures.