TEFL Certification

TEFL Certificates and Transcripts

On Graduation, you will receive an authorized TEFL Certificate under the seal of the International TEFL Institute. The certificate and Transcript will be sent to you via email -- to be printed in colour by yourself on suitable high quality paper or card. The Certificate and Transcript will be signed by the Academic Registrar and will reflect your individual reference number. These electronic versions of the Certificate and Transcripts will also make it easy to forward copies of these documents to potential employers. .

If you lose your Certificate or Transcript, you can email us to order a replacement.

  • Replacement of a Certificate will incur no additional cost.

  • Replacement of a Transcript will incur no additional cost.

We will be more than willing to confirm your enrolment with the International TEFL Institute with any potential employer if requested.

View the Sample TEFL Certificate and Transcripts issued by the International TEFL Institute.

Hard-copy of Certificate & Transcript

Please note that an original hard-copy of all TEFL Certificates and Transcripts will be dispatched upon graduation -- for delivery via registered / sign for mail. All costs of this additional service are payable by the applicant. It usually takes around 6 to 8 weeks for a hard-copy to be delivered (and in some cases less). The International TEFL Institute cannot be held responsible for the delay or loss of deliveries through the use of third party postal services. Once a hard-copy has been posted, we have met our obligations and relinquish ourselves of further responsibility. We will provide a tracking number for the posted item and it is the responsibility of the student/graduate to track the progress of the item (not us).

Apostille/Authentication of Hard-copy of Certificate

Unfortunately the International TEFL Institute does NOT (under any circumstances) provide an Apostille/Authentication service due to the complexity and costs involved. Students must contact third party agencies, prospective employers and agents for assistance and guidance in this regard. Click here to read an interesting and informative blog post outlining the steps for having a TEFL certificate authenticated.