Online TEFL Courses

Both certification courses (Certificate and Master Diploma) will enable you to teach English abroad. Choosing a course will depend on: your budget, available study time and level of qualification you desire. You may start with any level course (i.e. you may start with the Master Diploma if you wish). Work at your own pace - finish as quick as you wish, or take your time. There are no set course dates - you can start at any time.


Certificate in TEFL (120 hrs.)

The Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language is aimed primarily at persons who wish to gain an initial TEFL qualification. This extensive course will equip the prospective teacher with the necessary skills to enter the classroom with the necessary confidence and understanding of relevant techniques and knowledge of teaching methodologies.


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Master Diploma in TEFL (250 hrs.)

The Master Diploma in Teaching English as a Foreign Language is ideal if you wish to extend your professional experience and accept new responsibilities as it not only demonstrates a commitment to the profession, but is also proof of your ability. You may be looking for an opportunity to increase your understanding of the principles and practice of English Language teaching to help improve your overall performance in the classroom. As part of this process, the Master Diploma Course encourages you to analyse your existing practices and beliefs. It also helps you to apply the results of your learning and reflection both to your current professional life and to contexts beyond your present and previous teaching experience.


Teaching Practice Certificate

Teaching Practice Certificate (20 hrs.)

The Teaching Practice Certificate is aimed at TEFL trainees who are looking for the most cost effective and flexible way to acquire official in-class certification. The Teaching Practice Certificate is aimed at those who have already completed a TEFL course or are currently studying towards a TEFL qualification. Receive 20 hours of in-class teaching experience – organized by you or completed whilst in the employ of your new / current employer (on-the-job).